Bring Him in MadBring Him in Mad

Bring Him In Mad is a fictionalised account of the William Windham lunacy trial, which lasted for thirty-four days in the winter of 1861-2.

Reflecting on the case from his Edwardian old-age, fictional retired solicitor George Phinney tells the story of Windham and the events leading up to, and following, the trial. Phinney's memoir brings to life the principal characters involved in the case and charts the twists and turns of an affair that gripped public attention for weeks and caused a national sensation.

Title to be announcedTitle to be announced

Russell Croft is currently working on a second novel narrated by George Phinney. Nearly two years after the end of the Windham trial, Phinney is involved in a case of maritime intrigue.

Like Windham's, the story is based on a real-life legal case - but this time rather more loosely, with more fictional elements. Looking back on the matter from 1913, Phinney recalls how his pursuit of the truth led him to unfamiliar and exotic climes in a time of war, plunder, and corruption.

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